Client Relation Management

Introducing our comprehensive Client Relationship Tool, designed to streamline and elevate your client interactions. With robust features tailored to meet your business needs, this tool is your all-in-one solution for effective client management. Our tool simplifies key activities such as adding clients, distinguishing between clients and vendors by applying filters, and performing searches.


Contact Management

Effortlessly organize and manage your client contacts in one central hub. Categorize contacts for targeted communication, ensuring personalized interactions. Efficiently schedule, track, and manage meetings with clients. Set reminders for follow-ups, ensuring timely communication and proactive engagement. Our tool facilitates convenient access for creating and switching between contracts and leads.

File System

Centralize your client-related documents and files for easy access. Simplify file management for clients with our user-friendly system, enabling quick access to added files. Organize, share, and retrieve documents effortlessly, enhancing the overall accessibility of important information.



Effortlessly manage your dynamic team with our intuitive platform Tairra, simplifying task assignment, communication, and collaboration. Effortlessly assign tasks to team members ensuring everyone is aligned and accountable. Facilitate seamless communication and chat functionalities for quick and effective exchange of ideas. Using time sheets easily track and manage team members working hours, tasks, and project timelines with precision. Elevate your team's performance start maximizing productivity with our platform today.

  • Phone calls: Make Phone calls within application to make great ways to obtain feedback and resolve any issues.
  • Email Sending a letter via mail or email that's personalized to the specific customer can also show you care.
  • Follow up to check in and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Track sales pipeline.