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Empower Your Team, Elevate Your Projects: Unlocking Success with Tairra's Comprehensive Tools


Manage your team

Effortlessly manage your dynamic team with our intuitive platform Tairra. Our platform simplifies task assignment, communication, and collaboration.

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Manage your project

Initiate project success effortlessly with Tairra's user-friendly interface. Easily create projects and define objectives, setting the stage for seamless collaboration..

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Client relation management

Introducing our Client Relationship Tool: streamline client interactions with robust features, a comprehensive solution for effective client management..

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Communicate and collaborate

Introducing our Chat Tool: A versatile platform for personal, group, and project conversations, enhancing collaboration with meaningful interactions..

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Tairra Loyalty Program: Rewarding exceptional team members for outstanding achievements, consistent performance, and going above and beyond in their roles. Earn points dynamically.

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Repository control

Introducing our tool's robust file management: a centralized and dual system accommodating project, client, and general files based on user choice for seamless organization...

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Organize your work

Transform your work schedule with our Work Calendar mobile app, enhancing organization and productivity for seamless work management..

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Admin control

Unlock streamlined project management with our Admin Tool: a comprehensive solution for effective team oversight. Add members,set permissions, incorporate projects, and have control at your fingertips.

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Who We Are

We Provide Experts To Create A Great Value For Your Business.

Tairra is a solution that improves the operation of your company, streamlines tasks, and automate business process , thus promises to maximize the efficiency, performance, and profits of your organization.



Tairra: Elevate Your Business with Security, Optimization, and Seamless Management


Highly Secured

optimised Databases

Hosting on your Premises

Multiple Company in one App

Highly secured

Tairra prioritizes data security by employing advanced encryption techniques. Our encryption measures span file, database, and application levels, catering to both on-premise and cloud data. Tairra not only safeguards your data but also ensures compliance with privacy regulations, offering a streamlined approach to managing operational complexity.

Optimised databases

Tairra maximizes efficiency by employing dedicated databases for each company, ensuring optimal performance. We commit to thorough maintenance, monitoring, and analysis, aligning the structure with business goals. Regular backups and integrity checks are conducted to uphold data reliability and prevent corruption.

Hosting on your premises

Tairra is hosted on Cyberspace Technology's server/cloud but can be tailored to client preferences, including client server hosting. Tairra generates unique domains for clients. Pricing plans—basic, advance, and premium—determine cloud storage, covering domain hosting, firebase hosting, publish directory, and virtual directory.

Multiple companies in one app

Tairra manages diverse company branches in one app, creating multiple units under each registered company with customizable Tairra plans. Branch managers access only relevant functionalities. The app ensures data security and communication through unique 'License keys,' accommodating a multi-company environment efficiently.


Frequently Asked Questions

Tairra is a business assistant for corporate multitasking. It gives an overview of all your company projects, team members, tasks, meetings, follow-up, and more with a swipe of a finger.

Client can register through the link https://registration.tairra.com.

There are 2 types of plans 'On Cloud' and 'On Premises' available.

Tairra provides various basic, advance, and premium plans. Some of the plans are listed below.
Storage type Pricing Plan Cost No of Employees Validity
On Cloud Basic
On Premises Basic

Yes. Need to contact Cyberspace Technology to renew the Tairra plans.

Application will be hosted at Cyberspace Technology office server .


What they are saying about us

Tairra is a joy to work with! It's simplified our tasks, improved team collaboration, and brought a smile to our workflow. Happy customer, indeed!


Sarah Thompson

Happy Customer

Thrilled with Tairra! It's made managing our projects a breeze. Kudos to the team for creating such a user-friendly and efficient tool. Happy customer here!


Sara Wilsson

Staisfied User

Couldn't be happier with Tairra. It's like having a personal assistant for our business. Smooth, intuitive, and effective. Highly recommended!


Matt Brandon

Delighted Client