Tairra Features

Manage your team

Streamline team tasks, communication, tracking in Tairra for seamless productivity..

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Manage your project

Effortlessly manage projects with Tairra, streamlining tasks, tracking, and organizing seamlessly..

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Client relation Management

Introducing Client Relationship Tool for seamless client management, featuring organization, file systems, and document access..

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Communicate and collaborate

Versatile Chat Tool for seamless, meaningful communication and efficient collaboration.

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Tairra Loyalty Program rewards dedication with points for varied redeemable perks.

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Repositary control

File Management Excellence: Share effortlessly, organize seamlessly with advanced sorting.

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Organize your work

Work Calendar: Streamlined meeting management, smart reminders, and seamless follow-ups.

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Admin control

Admin Tool: Streamlined project management, granular control, real-time tracking, enhanced efficiency.

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