Communicate and Collabrate

Introducing our Chat Tool, a versatile and feature-rich platform designed to meet the diverse needs of personal, group, and project-specific conversations. Enhance collaboration, foster engagement, and make every interaction more meaningful.


Versatile Messaging

Communicate effortlessly through one-on-one, group, or project-specific chats. Tailor your conversations to suit your needs. Easily share and exchange contacts within the chat interface. Express yourself with a variety of emoticons and reactions (only through mobile app).


Enhance coordination by sharing your location in real-time. Perfect for meetups or providing context during project discussions. Whether it's images, videos, or audio clips, our chat tool ensures seamless multimedia sharing.

Search and Archive

Effortlessly search through past conversations and archive important discussions. Find information quickly to stay on top of your communication.


Secured Data And Data Are Stored With You

One of the problem companies are facing is security of data. tairra provide you highly secured communication data. All the communications are encrypted. Normally companies use third party application like what’s app or any other apps, all your data will be stored in their cloud, Once a staff/ team member leaves your company, all voice notes, files, chat will be saved in their phone and you will not have any control on that data. Tairra provide you complete control on your data and staff will not have any access to any previous communications or any data.

Different Communication Channel To Track Communication

Tairra provide you communication channels based on the events. Eg. If you created a task and assigned it to a team member or to a group of team member, app will automatically create a communication channel for that particular task. So every task/event will be connected with a communication channel specifically for it. This feature is applicable to projects/issues as well.