Frequently Asked Questions

Tairra is a business assistant for corporate multitasking. It gives an overview of all your company projects, team members, tasks, meetings, follow-up, and more with a swipe of a finger.

Client can register through the link https://registration.tairra.com.

There are 2 types of plans On Cloud and On Premises available.

Each client's company will have unique domain generated by Tairra backend team.

As Tairra is a cloud platform that runs on infrastructure designed to automatically scale with usage and demand base on plan selected. There are no maximum limits on user numbers or the number of concurrent user sessions.

Company token authentication and authorization.

The Mobile app only requests the user to enter credentials (in the app) during the initial (activation) log in. The user is not asked to enter their credentials at any other time. This avoids phishing and other security risks.

Data is cached to improve application performance. Data is encrypted using the 128-bit AES method.

The limit may be specified by the Tairra software, but is unlimited by default.


Supports English and Arabic.

Yes ,Tairra is a native application available for both android and ios device from respective app and play store.

Tairra provides various basic, advance, and premium plans. Some of the plans are listed below.
Storage type Pricing Plan Cost No of Employees Validity
On Cloud Basic
On Premises Basic

Yes. Need to contact Cyberspace Technology to renew the Tairra plans.

Application will be hosted at Cyberspace Technology office server .

User shall enter username and password and organization license key, The organization admin generates username and password for each employee and a common license key for all employees.

Tairra web app is accessed and available on any internet connected computer with a modern browser e.g. Internet Explorer 10+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari. If you require support for an older browser version, please contact us for clarification.

The Resigned employee Tairra account will be disabled by the admin and thus stops from logging into the application.

There are no international access restrictions Tairra is a global platform and developed for international Businesses.

The Tairra employee app is designed for a high-quality experience on both web and mobile device.

You may contact our support team at the following address: support@cyberspace.ae.

To improve the user experience and to enable some features, the Mobile app gives the user an option to grant permission to access the following features:
  • Camera — for scanning a QR Code and for replacing your Profile photo.
  • Photo Library — for replacing your Profile photo, send images/video via chat.
  • Calendar — To view meetings/reminder.

The Mobile app uses the Role-Based Permissions infrastructure that is defined for the user by admin from admin panel. Permissions are defined to access/deny some of the features within application.

  • Chat group: Allows anyone to create chat group.
  • Individual chat with your colleagues.
  • Task chat.
  • Issue chat.
  • Project chat.
  • Voice note.
  • Image capture using camera.
  • Online status.
  • Last seen info.
  • Show you when someone is typing.
  • Send messages over mobile data and Wi-Fi.
  • Lets you share files and high-resolution photos.
  • Other features like reply, forward, copy, share, and search.