Tairra Loyalty Program — a dynamic initiative designed to recognize and reward the dedication and hard work of our exceptional team members. Earn points for outstanding achievements, consistent performance, and going above and beyond in your role. These points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including gift cards, extra vacation days, and exclusive experiences. Our Employee Loyalty Program is more than just a recognition tool, it's a way to show our appreciation for your contributions to our collective success. Enjoy a workplace that values your commitment and offers meaningful rewards to celebrate your accomplishments


Virtual Market

Within our application, we've established a virtual marketplace just for you! The administrator has the ability to set the weight of the task and add vouchers. Explore the assortment of available vouchers, each featuring information like the voucher name, description, required points, image, validity, maximum usage per user, and any special conditions.


Head to loyalty section in your profile for details on points, vouchers, and redemption choices. Redeem vouchers by clicking "Redeem" if you have enough points. Once redeemed equivalent points will be deducted, and the updated total will be displayed in the Loyalty dashboard. For exclusive vouchers needing admin approval, follow on-screen instructions to submit a request. Once approved, proceed with redemption.