Manage Your Project

Initiate project success effortlessly with Tairra's user-friendly interface. Easily create projects and define objectives, setting the stage for seamless collaboration.


Project Task

Streamline task delegation with our AI-powered module. Effortlessly assign tasks via typing or voice commands, facilitating seamless collaboration. Our app's cutting-edge AI automates task creation through audio and video dictation, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Monitor individual or team progress with intuitive features. Receive task instructions in your preferred language, enhancing clarity and understanding.


Our tool is designed to streamline the process of recording and tracking issues associated with projects. With its user-friendly interface and efficient functionality, you can easily document either by dictating or typing manually, categorize, prioritize and monitor project-related issues ensuring a systematic approach throughout the project lifecycle. This feature enhances overall project transparency, enabling teams to address and resolve issues promptly, ultimately contributing to the successful and smooth execution of your projects.

Project Document Management

Our tool ensures a centralized and organized repository for all your project-related documents where you can create a folder/sub folder or files in seconds. With user-friendly features, you can effortlessly upload, share, and collaborate on various document types with your team members fostering a cohesive and efficient workflow. The robust document management system enhances collaboration, reduces errors, and accelerates decision-making processes.


By Proxy, Project And Task Management Involve Features:

  • you can track the progress everyone is making with their project-related tasks.
  • handle your bugs.
  • you can save and organize project data, and create an archive you can then use for future reference.
  • you can create or join discussions, add comments to projects , tasks and issues.